modelling showreel

animation showreel

barbecue bob

Technical details:

  • head model rigged at 18500 polygons, driven by 60 blendshapes
  • joystick controllers drive the blendshapes, displacement and bump maps
  • flip fluid simulated at approximately 1,2 million points
  • the fishbowl and water shading network measure which parts have contact to each other and sets the index of refraction accordingly


out.0144 out.0325 out.0531 out.0556 out.0789 out.0803 out.0864 out.0961 out.1035 out.1195 out.1275 out.1286 out.1348 out.1433 out.1603

final video

breakedown video

modelling and character controls

Samsung Smart TV Commercial


agency: gablerwerbungfilm
tv modelling: oln
airplane modelling: bernhard hemetsberger – anorak
rigging: emanuel amler
raptor/env model, animation, rendering, composite philip ballinger

traktoer000 traktoer001 traktoer002


Alphagold commercial

com_alphagold000 com_alphagold001 com_alphagold002 com_alphagold003 com_alphagold004 com_alphagold005

Documentary “Altersbilder”

com_altersbilder001 com_altersbilder002 com_altersbilder004 com_altersbilder005 com_altersbilder009 com_altersbilder014 com_altersbilder017 com_altersbilder018 com_altersbilder019 com_altersbilder020 com_altersbilder023

Shot 2

Shot 3

Shot 7

Shot 9

Malcom character and rig are provided with the courtesy of

fat head

char_oldhead000 char_oldhead002 char_oldhead001

boy head

char_younghead002 char_younghead001 char_younghead000



lost & found drawings

char_drawings003 char_drawings002 char_drawings000 char_drawings001

kicking a stone…

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